The first memory that I have of myself is tiny me with colouring pencils in my hands, filling up with drawings the reams of computer printout paper that my grandma brought from her office. Those pencils stuck with me, and today I draw for a living.My work is about sharing powerful messages through clever concepts, by creating compositions filled with imperfect characters, playful shapes and a (not always subtle) sense of humour. With these aspects I try to introduce some of my bigger values such as mental health importance, taking things slow and playfulness.

Let's work together
(from) Macedonia, (currently in) Slovenia, working worldwide
Upwork Inc, Wired UK, Dwell Magazine, BuzzFeed News, Berliner Zeitung, Bloomberg Businessweek, Cheese Magazine, New Degree Press,, publicateur, ExactPath, Inscale
Features and talks Behind the “Wake & Make” Campaign
Creative Talks

Exhibitions and awards
• Ilustrofest 2023, Belgrade
• Ilustrofest 2022, Belgrade
World Illustration Awards 2022 / Longlisted Artist
ADC Awards 2022 / Silver Cube
• VII. December Illustration fair 2021, Ljubljana
• PDP Shift Risography exhibition 2021 / 3rd place
• Ilustrofest 2021, Belgrade
• Playing Arts Challenge Future edition 2020 / first deck card illustration

Centar Jadro Mural

Client: Centar Jadro
Location: Skopje, North Macedonia
Year: 2022

Woodland Rhythms

Speculative project done as a part of the 28 Day Branding Challenge by InkyGoodness.
Creative brief by Oat Agency.

BrightlyThrive Website Illustrations

Client: BrightlyThrive
Agency: Indiegogh Creative
BrightlyThrive Website
Year: 2023
BrightlyThrive is an online network for those affected by autoimmunity, including caregivers, those newly
as those suffering from undiagnosed, mystery symptoms. diagnosed, those in remission, etc.

ExactPath Website Illustrations

Client: ExactPath
ExactPath Website
Year: 2022
ExactPath is a company which create customer journey paths with the use of technology.

Murals for Upwork SF offices

Client: Upwork Inc
AD: Nicholas Scarlet
Year: 2021
I was commissioned by Upwork to illustrate two murals for their conference rooms for their office in San Francisco.
The task was to take inspiration from two of SF's districts - SoMa and Sunset.



The trick to getting through life is always having a holiday booked to look forward to.

Weak or nonexistent cybersecurity is hurting your business,
here is how to protect yours

A speculative project inspired from an article in Entrepreneur.

The Inspiration Seeker

Best ways to protect your home from mosquitoes

The visual interpretation of my insomnia

The Stories Untold

Client: New Degree Press
Book cover illustration
Year: 2022

The Secret Son

Client: New Degree Press
Book cover illustration
Year: 2022

Andy Warhol

Client: AV Studio
Year: 2022
I was commissioned by AV Studio to create a portrait of Andy Warhol in pop art style.
They will use the project for NFT sale for charity purposes for Ukranian refugees.

Macedonian Folklore

Life with Gina

Illustrations inspired by daily life with my miniature schnauzer Gina.

Working from home


Digislavia hosting

In 2021 I was selected to be a host of the online artist gallery named Digislavia.
I picked the theme for my hosting to be the perks of being an illustrator.

The Best Years

Client: Publicateur
AD: Alan David
Year: 2022
Cover illustartion for Publicateur's issue on how to maximize life quality as a senior,
Illustration is a matchup from articles about exercise, pension and charity.

The Medical Issue

Client: Publicateur
AD: Alan David
Year: 2022
Cover illustration: Matchup of all the topics (dementia, autoimmune diseases, digital equipment, NGOs medical supply)
Interior illustration: Autoimmune diseases

Drugs & lovemaking, and what can go wrong with the combo

Client: Berliner Zeitung
AD: Uros Pajovic

Article link
Year: 2022
Drugs and lovemaking, and what can go wrong with the combo.

Private Equity and Venture Capital

Client: Invest Europe
Year: 2023
The client needed illustrations that would help overcome some of the negative clichés associated with private equity and venture capital.
We'd like them to establish visually some key, evidence-based concepts: PE is long-term, has skin in the game, etc.

Agenda Illustrations

Client: Bloomberg Businessweek
AD: Chandra Illick

Year: 2023

Confessions of New York City’s Traveling Pool Guy

Client: Dwell Magazine
AD: Suzanne LaGasa

Article link
Year: 2023

How Quarantining in a Montreal Basement
Taught Me What I Care About in a House

Client: Dwell Magazine
AD: Suzanne LaGasa

Article link
Year: 2023

In My First Apartment as a Single Mother,
I Found a Community of Women Parenting Alone

Client: Dwell Magazine
AD: Suzanne LaGasa

Article link
Year: 2022

Crunchy Moms Are Taking Their Babies To The Chiropractor,
But Not Everyone Thinks It’s Safe

Client: BuzzFeed News
AD: Olive Burd

Article link
Year: 2022

Supermarket Cheese

Client: Cheese Magazine
AD: Holly Catford

Year: 2022
I was commissioned to do an illustration for Cheese Magazine,
for their article about the history of the supermarket cheese,
and how cheddar cheese gained its popularity.

How do you make the most of your outdoor space?

Client: Dwell Magazine
AD: Suzanne Lagasa

Year: 2022

Common mental struggles

Inspired from the 'Eating disorder' commission, I created a whole series of
illustration inspired by the common mental struggles that young people have.
I myself have gone through a lot of them, and it was a personal challenge to visualise them
in form of an image - to depict the feeling in a metaphor.

Abuse in Sports

AD: Kalia Dimitrova
Year: 2022
Illustration for an article for the silence about the abuse in sports.

Domestic Abuse

AD: Kalia Dimitrova
Year: 2021
Illustration for an article about the domestic violence,
and legal aid barriers for victims of domestic abuse.

Sexism Toward Women In Politics

AD: Kalia Dimitrova
Year: 2021
Illustration for an article about the sexism toward women in politics, particularly in Macedonia,
and how proper education has crucial part in solving the problem.

Mosquito season

Wired Annual 2022

Client: Wired UK
AD: Mary Lees
Year: 2021


Electric accelerates
Roads in 2022 will feature many more electric and sustainable vehicles, as manufacturers go all in on EVs. Subaru’s all-electric Soltera, Ford’s electric version of its F-150 and Mercedes Benz’ EQA (launching in the US) will jostle for space on the motorways with Tesla’s long- awaited Cybertruck, predicted to finally roll off the production line later in the year. Many car companies are producing EVs in 2022 as the first step in longer-term sustainability initiatives – Mercedes-Benz and Ford are committed to becoming fully electric by 2030. The next challenge will be the charging infrastructure and grid capacity.


Chat dethroned
Ellen DeGeneres, the beloved TV talk-show host, will end her show in 2022, after 19 seasons at the top of the daytime- chat game. The Ellen DeGeneres Show won 64 Emmys and DeGeneres presented more than 3,000 episodes – but this has been overshadowed by accusations from staff of a hostile environment where bullying was rife. Pop singer Kelly Clarkson will take over Ellen’s slot – but not everywhere. Some stations have opted instead to run cheaper news-filler shows, citing both the expense and criticisms that the chat format has had its day.


Nuclear unplugs
In 2022, Germany’s long-term goal to decommission its nuclear plants will finally be accomplished, as the last six go dark. After the Fukushima disaster in 2011, then- chancellor Angela Merkel announced that all of the remaining German nuclear power plants would be shut within the decade. Germany had 17 nuclear power stations in total before 2011, and around a quarter of Germany’s electric power was nuclear; renewables now make up over 50 per cent.

Svemir Coffee Bags

Coffee bag packaging illustration
Client: Svemir Coffee Brew Bar
Year: 2022
The task was to illustrate some of the fruits from which the different types of coffee is made.
The client wanted me to represent the fruits as characters.

Upwork 'Wake & Make'

Coffee bag packaging illustration
Client: Upwork
AD: Nicholas Scarlet
Year: 2021
The task was to capture the moment when inspiration hits, while tasting the fist sip of coffee.
My inspiration came from an unexpected place: a Netflix show that I was watching about space shuttles.
After thinking about how I feel every morning
while I wait by my espresso machine and finally sense that smell of coffee, it hit me.
What could better explain the boost of energy, than a space shuttle launch?

Adidas Sambarose

Illustration + animation inspired by my favourite sneaker, Adidas Sambarose.

Body&Mind Institute

Website and merch illustration
Client: Body&Mind Institute
Website and merchandise illustrations for yoga studio Body & Mind Institute.
The task was to illustrate the motion of selected yoga poses and consultations.